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To facilitate your application, we have written a guide for application. Please read it carefully.


1. the way of application:

A. online message, fill in the relevant personal information and post, our personnel department will call you in three days.


B. send resume to the specified mailbox:, mail name format (name + application position);

C. dial the number: 0756 - 23456789 for recruitment information.

2. matters of attention:

A. in order to improve efficiency, do not post resume that is not related to recruitment.

B. our company has clearly identified job requirements and responsibilities in the recruitment information. Please read carefully before sending your resume, so as not to cause trouble.

C. after the successful receipt and review of your resume, we will inform you within a week. If you have not received a reply within one week, your information will enter the talent pool of the company. We will choose to cooperate with you at the right time; we will not return all the resumes received, but we will guarantee to keep it confidential for you;

D. please confirm that the telephone number in your resume is valid and keep the telephone number open during the application period.

E. if you have received our invitation for the interview, please take part in the interview at the appointed time. Please let us know in time for special reasons. Otherwise, we will consider that you give up automatically.

3. application time: by telephone notification time

4. contact: Miss Feng

5. contact phone: 07560 - 12345678, 23456789

6. company address: XXX in a certain district of a certain district of XX Province.

Thank you again for your attention!


sales manager

Post requirements:

1, according to the company's marketing strategy, lead the sales team to complete the sales target;

2. Responsible for the daily management of the Department and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of the Department staff.

3. Establish and manage sales team to achieve sales target;

4. Make a summary analysis of daily work, issue relevant reports and reports, and report regularly.

5. Responsible for the basic outreach and coordination of sales work.


1. College degree or above;

2. More than 2 years working experience in the sales industry, with network sales management experience is preferred.

3. Rich customer resources and good customer relationship;

4, with keen market insight, strong learning ability and customer negotiation skills;

5. Strong career ambition and leadership.

6. Strong infection, communication and coordination ability, teamwork spirit.

7, optimistic, honest, aggressive, and dare to face pressure and challenges.

Salary and welfare:

Competitive remuneration in the same industry + double break + five risks + annual merit + paid vacation + good promotion opportunities + perfect training mechanism.

Finance Director / Accounting

Post duties:

1, responsible for the overall financial and accounting work of the company;

2, assist the chief financial officer in formulating and completing the company's financial accounting system, regulations and methods;

3. Explain and answer laws and regulations related to the company's financial accounting.

4, analyze and inspect the implementation of the company's financial links, revenues and expenditures and budgets.

5. The cashier's operation management and contract management;

6. Tax declaration and maintenance of tax relations;

7. Financial team work skills training and improvement management;

Requirements for office:

1. College degree or above, majored in finance and economics.

2. More than 2 years experience in accounting related positions in large enterprises.

3, with the title of Intermediate accountants above;

4. Be familiar with the relevant laws and regulations related to finance and finance in the country and region, and have good financial ethics.

5. Strong execution and sense of responsibility, and have a certain management ability.

The work efficiency is high and the team spirit is rich.

Salary and welfare:

Competitive remuneration in the same industry + double break + five risks + annual merit + paid vacation + good promotion opportunities + perfect training mechanism.

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