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Roller compactor
LG Series roller compactor

Main application

LG Series Roller Compactor is a new-type high efficiency granulation equipment. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical, foodstuff industry and some other powder-processing industries. Based on many advantages, it’s essential for variable active drug production in pharmaceutical industry, especially for thermosensitive and humidity sensitive drugs.

Working principle

Materials are charged by pharma lifter (pneumatical or mechanical) to upper hopper. And then transport to pressure chamber by helical conveyor. After extrusion of two high pressure extrusion wheel, high density lamina generates and being cut into pieces through cut system. Finally, via two grade milling system to get required granules and granulation process finished.


This equipment is successfully designed on the basis of absorption and digestion of foreign advanced technology together with a wide research of the market. The equipment is designed with two separate part, main frame and working portion. All material contact part is convenient to dismantle for cleaning. Various advanced technology application greatly improved material processing scope and particles quality. The production automation increased with the application of various automatic control technology. Meanwhile, dust and cross contamination are effectively controlled, also measure of reducing purification area are took. This equipment complies entirely with GMP requirements in pharmaceutical industry.


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