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Syrup production line
Glass bottle syrup filling line

Main application

This line consists of JKGP Turntable, JKQCX Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machine, JKRX Hot air circulating and Sterilizing tunnel, JKGT Filling and screw(crimp) capping machine and JKLT Vertical adhesive labeling machine. It is suitable for pharmaceutical 

syrup production, and also for 20-500mI round glass bottle feeding, washing, drying and strerilizing, filling and capping. and labeling, etc. 

After changing the specifications of the mold, the product can be applied to a variety of product sizes. It has wide range of application and it is easy to adjust.



JKGP Turntable: Storage of bottle, unscrambling the bottle and feeding bottle.

JKQCX Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machine: Adopt ultrasonic cavitation principle, which can effectively clean the inner and outer bottle surface,

such as particles and oil. And water/air needle insert the bottle and make two water one compressed air clean.

JKRX Hot air circulating and Sterilizing tunnel adopts hot air flow and hot air high temperature sterilizing principle to have the bottle sterilized and depyrogenated.

It has the characteristics of uniform heat distribution, fine effect of depyrogen. The electrical and pneumatic components are all international brand.

JKGT Filling and capping am chine adopts servo system stainless steel pump filling, the filling speed can be adjusted,

and the filling is gentle to prevent from liquid leakage and reduce bubble, screw capping has slipping unit, it will not hurt the cap. It is easy for the replacement of format.

 JKLT Vertical adhesive labeling machine adopts servomotor driving, clear coding, and easy replacement of digit, and high quality of labeling.

JKGP series turntable

Main application

JKGP Turntable is suitable for liquid and infusion bottle manual feeding and automatically organizing bottle in pharmaceutical industry.



The structure is reasonable, adopt turntable to let the bottle go into bottle feeding rail. It is suitable for 30- 500ml round bottle;

the surface is made of SS304; The machine is compliant with GMP requirement.

JKQCX Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machine

Main application

The machine is suitable for inner and external clean for 2-500ml various materials round bottle or irregular bottle with holder.



Firstly wash by ultrasonic waves, secondly two water and one compressed air wash(tap water, purified water and oil-free compressed air),

 and then oil-free compressed air blow inside bottle, to make bottle reach the requirement of production.
After changing the specifications of the mold, the product can be applied to a variety of product sizes.

 And our company mold can change in the whole set, it is convenient to adjust.

JKRX series hot air circulation heating and sterilizing tunnel

Main application

JKRX Hot air circulating heating and sterilizing tunnel is mainly used for drying and sterilizing and depyrogenation on antibiotic tube bottle,

molded bottle, ampoule bottle, infusion bottle and oral liquid bottle.



The machine can make bottle stay≥300℃ temperature for ≥5minutes, to reach drying, sterilizing, and depyrogenation.

The machine can be used individually, also can connect washing machine, filling and capping machine, filling and stoppering machine,

it can compose oral liquid washing, the tunnel, filling and capping automatic production line.

The machine is tunnel structure, which is divided into three parts of pre -heating, high temperature sterilizing, and cooling.

It adopts hot air laminar flow and high temperature sterilizing principle to sterilize the bottle and remove pyrogen.

It has good heat distribution, and good effect on depyrogenation. The equipment components are all international brand.


JKGT series filling and stoppering machine

Main application

JKGT-1 Filling and capping machine is suitable for liquid filling and capping in pharmaceutical, healthcare, beverage industry, etc.



The machine structure is reasonable, uses single rail to feed bottle, the bottle is transferred by conveying belt, and dialing wheel positions the bottle,

uses 4 piston pump measuring filling (filling method adopts servo system+ stainless steel pump filling), it has accurate filing volume.

It is especially suitable for 30ml-500ml bottle filling and capping. The pump and other contact parts with drug liquid are SS316L;

The working table is coated by stainless steel; the machine is compliant with GMP requirement.

The machine has the function of no bottle machine stop, bottle arrive and machine resume, no cap machine stop,

screw capping has flip unit, do not hurt cap, production quantity count, alarm display, etc.


JKLT series Vertical labeling machine

Main application

This equipment is applicable to labeling round bottles and round objects in various industries.



It is controlled by steeping motor or servo motor. With imported touch screen, it has such performances as accurate labeling,

small errors and high efficiency. It is installed with malfunction/numerical value warning device (optional),

which is connected to a printer to output shift production records and automatically monitor production status.


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