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PS generator

The standard equipment model table shows the equipment production capacity under the condition of 3 bar pure steam pressure and 6 bar industrial steam with the unit in kg/h. The actual production capacity of a certain model shall be acquired in accordance with the actual operation pressure and use this actual operation pressure to multiply the conversation coefficient in the specified production capacity.


Model selection example:

Industrial steam pressure: 7bar

Pure steam pressure needed:2bar

The maximum demand of pure steam:500 kg/h

Conversion coefficient: 1.7

Specified output needs:500/1.7=294 kg/h

Model selected: PSG 300 DTS


Public facility demand:

Industrial saturated steam without impurities and corrosive materials, the maximum pressure is 9 bar.

Feeding water requires deionized water without silica, chlorine, amine and volatile substance. The pressure required is 1-2 bar.

Power supply standards: according to the clients’ requirement

Dry, oil-free and clean compresses air, the minimum pressure required is 6 bar.


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