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Coating machine
BGK Series high-efficiency film coater with perforated drum

Main application

BGK Series film coater is mechanical and electrical integrated equipment and complies with GMP requirements. It is widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry. With advantages of high-efficiency, energy saving, safe, clean and applied for organic film, water soluble film, slow release and control release film, dropping pills film, sugar film coating for tablets, pills, chocolate and candies and so on.

Working principle

Tablets core continuous working with complex track movement in the clean, close rotary coating drum under the spiral stirrer in a clean and closes rotary drum. Concretely speaking, controlled by computer, spraying coating film according to optimal parameters automatically and meanwhile, the set hot air is provided under controlled vacuum in negative pressure condition, the discharged from the bottom of tablets core. After the sprayed coating medium on the surface is dried quickly and uniform, finally, a solid, smooth and fine film is then quickly formed on the surface of plain tablets.


This equipment is successfully designed on the basis of absorption and digestion of foreign advanced technology together with a wide research of the market. It applies PLC control and HMI interface with significant features such as simple and secure operation, stable production process, high automation operation and production efficiency, low consumption of coating material and energy. The equipment is manufactured with high quality stainless steel, all the corners and angles are rounded off using arc transition technique; the whole machine has no dead angle or residue, inner and outer surfaces are highly polished and are very easy to be washed. BGK series high-efficiency film coaters comply entirely with GMP requirements in pharmaceutical industry.




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