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Multi-effect water distiller system

S series multi-effect water distiller

S series multi-effect water distiller is designed according to the principle of falling film and multiple-stage evaporation. The first effect is to conduct heating by external heat source (industrial steam) and then each effect can get enough heat energy by using the pure vapor produced from the fore-effect. The material water that did not evaporated in the first effect can be taken as the material in the next effect and so on.


Equipment features:

The whole equipment is made by 316L stainless steel and the operation surface is conducted with acid-washing and passivating treatment;

The pipeline system adopts the mirror polish Ra≤ 0.6μm 316L stainless steel tube and conducts with automatic orbital welding and connects with clean flange and pharmaceutical gasket.

Use material wool to keep warm and the exterior of the equipment is covered with matte finishing 314 stainless steel protective layer and its frame is made of stainless steel.

F series multi-effect water distiller

F series multi-effect water distiller adopts 3level centrifugal separation technology, Siemens S7 series control system, Chinese and English operating language, water inlet booster pump with standard configuration, and buffer collection tank. The standard equipment is equipped with plant steam reducing valve and the device for continuous emission of non-condensable gas. In addition, the F series equipment continuously discharge the residual liquid and record the electrical conductivity of water for injection and the valve location. It is conducted with complete equipment manufacture factory acceptance test and the inlet water uses deionized water or RO water.

B series multi-effect water distiller

B series multi-effect water distiller adopts rising film and multi-diversion form to evaporate. The industrial steam enters the evaporate shell through the valves and interchange heat with the purified water rising film in tube pass. The purified water after heat exchange becomes vapor, then the impurity and pyrogen will be removed from the vapor through diversion separation device in the machine to produce the secondary steam. The pure steam after steam-water separation will become distilled water after being condensate as heating source in Ⅱ effect. Then the distilled water will enter into the condenser under the pressure differential action and then enter the storage tank through the pipe for storage. The water without evaporation and separated concentrated water shall enter the next effect for re-evaporation through concentrated water outlet port.

Equipment features:

Adopts rising film for evaporation to solve the problem of uneven distribution of water.

High thermal efficiency, 100% heat exchange.

Save industrial steam consumption, 20% energy saving.

Distribute feeding water consumption amount for each effect accurately to reduce raw water loss.

No need to exchange the multi-diversion separation device and life-span of the equipment can be extended.


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